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Project overview

Direct Impact Solutions is a world leader in the development, integration and optimization of customized applications that support the digital transformation of businesses using Web technologies and the OutSystems® and Claris FileMaker® platforms. It seeks to increase its website traffic as well as promote new "no code" services.

The client wants to improve its visibility in Canada, France and the United States. It is therefore an international SEO work on which the team must work.

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Project execution

First, we did an analysis of keywords, competitors, customer search intent, conversion rates and more. Then we performed dozens of SEO tasks including:

  • Optimization of existing pages according to search intentions
  • Creation of new pages and content to increase impressions
  • Adding backlinks to give the website a better reputation


As a result of our work, the impressions surrounding the new services and the creation of new pages has clearly increased. This is also expressed by an increase in traffic on the site and an increase in requests made by form and telephone.

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